What is Practical Stoicism?

Those approaching Stoicism for the first time, with the intention of adopting it as a life philosophy, can find it both impossibly dense and extreme in its expectations of its students. For this reason, it is important that there exist a practical interpretation of the high-minded values of this ancient philosophy. That is the purpose and role of the Practical Stoicism podcast and website, to give those new to Stoicism, a more accessible avenue to learning more.

How and where can I subscribe to this podcast?

Practical Stoicism can be found in most any place you’re likely to listen to podcasts. Below are some common options. From your phone, if you click on the player you prefer that app will be opened automatically and you’ll be able to play episodes and follow/subscribe. If you do not have a preferred podcast app: iPhone users should choose Apple Podcasts and Android users should choose Google Podcasts as these apps are natively installed on those devices.