The Practical Stoicism podcast started out Tanner Campbell’s personal attempt to get more in-line with his own Stoic practice, it was never intended to become an Apple Podcasts Top 10 Philosophy podcast, nor was it intended to become the second most listened to Stoicism podcast on the planet. But it became those things anyway, and that prompted him to build something more broadly meaningful for the cosmopolis. In November 2022 Tanner founded Practical Philosophy which is now the containing entity of Practical Stoicism, Practical Cynicism, and Practical Buddhism.

Our Mission

Practical Stoicism aims to provide its listeners with entertaining, meaningful, and practical Stoicism content that passes academic muster. We feel, strongly, that the miscommunication of Stoicism writ large across the internet has a profoundly negative effect on young men (vis a vis red pill masculinity) and is off-putting to women (because red pill interpretations of Stoicism are rightfully off-putting).

Fortunately, we do not need to take on activist positions in order to do this. We simply need to present actual Stoicism, the philosophy and ancient school of virtue ethics, honestly.

Meet the Team

Our team is constantly growing and is made up of a great mix of academics, passionate philosophy communicators, and committed practitioners. Without them, there’s no mission, there’s no vision, there’s not nothin’.

Tanner Campbell

Producer, Host, Writer

Tanner is the founder of Practical Philosophy, writer and host of Practical Stoicism, and if the podcast had a CEO position, which it doesn’t, he’d be the CEO.

Eric Demott

Host, Writer

Eric writes and hosts the Practical Cynicism segment on Sunday mornings. Behind the scenes he’s a data guy, a Greek language guy, and a new dad guy.

Kai Whiting

Journaling Lead, Writer

Kai is a proper academic, and he’s the lead writer of the Stoic Journaling program. Behind the scenes he’s a rugby guy, an eating healthy guy, and a gym guy.

Emma Varvaloucas

Host, Writer

Emma writes and hosts the Practical Buddhism segment on Saturday mornings. Behind the scenes she’s the envy of us all as she calls the homeland of Stoicism home.

Leonidas Konstantakos


Leonidas writes articles for us from time to time, and a lot of his focus as an academic and researcher is on a theory he is currently working to develop, “Stoic Just War Theory.” Behind the scenes he’s a man of mystery.