Virtue & Virtue-Based Philosophy [Fireside Chat]


In today’s episode I sit down with Kai Whiting to talk about Virtue. That’s going to lead us into a conversation about Virtue Ethics and Virtue Philosophies vs. “Continental Philosophies”, and finally into a conversation about, perhaps unsurprisingly, Critical Race Theory and current changes (which Kai and I both view as unfortunate but well-intentioned ) going on in contemporary academia.

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Tanner Campbell

Hi, I'm Tanner. I spend most of my time writing in the philosophy space and I'm the host of the Practical Stoicism podcast. When I'm not writing, I'm reading or recording. In rare moments when I'm not writing, reading, or recording, I'm spending time with my partner and our dogs.


  • Critical race theory is not taught in elementary or middle or high school. It’s taught in law school, and rightfully so given the horrendous racial inequality in the US criminal justice system.

    Critical race theory as described in this episode by Kai is taught literally nowhere, except in the far-right spaces where that strawman version is fabricated and weaponized to attack and censor any and all reality-based teachings on race, justice and history in the United States.

    • Hey Alex, appreciate you pointing this out, I’m certainly, personally, so unfamiliar with “Critical Race Theory” that I struggled to recall what it was called during our conversation 😅

      That said, I can attest to at least the fact that it is taught in both Utah (which I find surprising) and Washington (state) public schools as I have friends in those states who teach and there are, by their descriptions (these individuals are not Conservatives by any stretch of the imagination) critical race theory “informed” curriculums.

      I’m not sure if there are distinctions between what you are calling critical race theory and what are taught in those schools (and by that I mean I expect here would be differences in what was taught to a child vs. what was taught to a student in law school), and that’s because, like I said, I don’t really know much about this, but these sorts of informed curriculums to very much seem to exist in the US public school system (at least in those states I mentioned) and, as Kai is in Academia, I can only assume if he’s saying it’s present there, then it is present there.