Practical Stoicism

Those approaching Stoicism for the first time, with the intention of adopting it as a life philosophy, can find it both impossibly dense and extreme in its expectations of its students. For this reason, it is important that there exist a practical interpretation of the high-minded values of this ancient philosophy. This podcast helps newcomers get acquainted and comfortable with the practical aspects of Stoicism.

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Failure is failure, and it’s expected along the path

Failure is failure, and it's expected along the path. Is one failure more or less forgivable than another failure? I think we only hurt ourselves by believing that so, in concerns to our stoic practice: I say no. This week we're working through Meditation 10 from Book 2 of The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.“In comparing sins (the way people do) Theophrastus says that the ones committed out of...